Current projects along the Greenway are the completion of native species planting at the new Mary S. Topolsky Garden and Trail and the reopening of the trail at Riverside Drive from Pomander Walk to Cedar Lane.  

Soil testing has been completed at the Mary S. Topolsky Garden and Trail and our committee is planning soil treatment and planting of native species throughout the garden.  A 3D map of the Hackensack River and the Greenway in Teaneck is being developed especially for visitors who are blind or visually impaired to gain a sense of the flow of the river and its shoreline.  Continue to check this site for a spring event once the garden is in bloom.

Riverside Drive offers a wonderful stretch of trail that envelopes you into the natural setting of our Greenway.  It is a more roughed trail with some inclines, but we are working to improve the trail and open up beautiful vistas of the river.  Our first step has been to clear the trail of fallen trees and debris.  We will be working with NY/NJ Trails Confernce for the best way to enhance visitors experiences along the Riverside Trail.  We have scheduled training sessions and trail work for two Saturdays - May 6 and 13.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

Come visit the trail and see the potential it offers visitors to the Greenway.